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Start Saving on Your Energy Bill

VEEO, LLC takes an innovative and transparent approach to energy savings. VEEO delivers energy savings by optimizing HVAC systems, and other equipment. This technology has been successfully applied to educational facilities, ministries, municipalities, non-profits, and private companies.

Already using energy management?

When reaching out to potential clients, we get this response over 90% of the time.  Most companies receiving this type of feedback would conclude that no opportunities exist – but not VEEO.  Our product suite has proven itself time and time again by delivering significant savings well beyond what the current installed systems can produce.  

“How do we deliver these outrageous results?”   We layer our technology on top of the existing systems.  We ensure that all your systems are operating optimally for the current weather conditions.  Any HVAC scheduling system that is not making use of real-time weather data is operating non optimally and leaving money on the table.  Our approach captures this additional savings while satisfying all occupancy comfort constraints.  We are so confident in our ability to deliver this savings, that we will contractually guarantee the results.

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At VEEO, LLC, our mission is to allow schools, ministries, and private companies to reclaim their energy dollars so they can expand their mission and spend their money on what’s important.

VEEO’s short-term projects require no capital expenditures and no exposure to financial risk. Not only do clients benefit from lower energy bills each month, but experience more comfortable buildings, facilities that are easier to manage, and lower carbon emissions. Our clients receive real savings that can be verified each month with only their energy bills.

Innovative. Purpose-driven. Savings.

Launch your community into the future with energy solutions that continue to save money year after year!

Let our team analyze and create solutions for long-term energy savings for your school, church, or organization.

At VEEO, LLC we’re a team committed to implementing solutions that produce long-term energy savings. Learn more about who we are.

Getting started with VEEO, LLC is just a phone call away. Contact us to talk about how our energy services could benefit you.

All the Benefits, None of the Risk

Partnering with VEEO, LLC requires zero financial risk while still providing quick payback and a long-term stream of additional funds. As a result, clients are left with measurable, long-lasting results.

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Ready To Start Saving?

Are you ready to start saving on your energy costs with VEEO, LLC? To get started, contact us to schedule your free, non-binding savings estimate and assessment of your utility bills, buildings, and equipment.