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Franklin Independent School District was experiencing significant comfort issues with rooms being cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. They had spent significant dollars attempting to fix the issue but had no success. Our solution was able to fix the comfort issues while generating incredible savings. Franklin utilized the savings to provide teacher raises that they hadn’t given in many years.

Church at the Cross Grapevine was spending almost $100k / year for gas and electric, which for them was more than their youth and children’s ministries combined! We conducted a free/no-obligation audit & presented savings numbers to the church, where they decided to implement the project. The ramp up period took about 5 months, but we plateaued and remained at 50% savings or greater onward.

Sweeny Independent School District had state of the art controls, had just completed an energy performance contract, had a new heater, chiller, and reflecting roofing. School leadership was skeptical that we could generate additional savings but given the free audit they decided to see what we could do. We projected a 15% savings, and they moved forward with the project. By month 6 we were generating Sweeny a 30% saving above the savings already generated by prior projects.

FUMC Richardson had a new facility (~ 5 years old) with a brand new computerized HVAC control system, all the best equipment, and people were touring this building to see how energy efficient it was. We met with the Director of Operations and he agreed to let us do an analysis since it was free, but he didn’t think we would find any savings opportunity. The Director of Operations actually sent us an email at the end of the first year to let us know that with the money they saved in their project, they were able to save two staff positions they were worried about having to let go.

Stockdale Independent School District had older equipment that needed to be updated, but they did not have funds for a large project. They reached out to see if our solution could help them generate savings that could be used for new equipment. After the audit we presented them with a 42% savings opportunity, which they decided to implement. Stockdale was able to use the savings created to upgrade units within a couple years of our implementation.

White’s Chapel has an incredible campus with some structures built in the early 1900s with others added during an expansion in the 1990s. As common with older facilities with additions, there was significant patchwork, unlinked, diverse HVAC systems, none that communicated to each other. Even with White Chapel’s complexity, we were still able to deliver over 40% savings consistently.

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